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module development

We design and implement WHMCS Modules that extend the functionality of WHMCS. If you already have a module design we can bring it to life.

Collect & protect

WSC is a WHMCS Module that allows you to collect information from customers in a secure and professional way. Encrypt customer data and view it directly on WHMCS support tickets

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PHP Software Development and Design

From design to creation to secure storage of your software. Dev GB has it covered for your next project. Our expert-approved coders can implement your software on time and with a fixed budget.


Design Idea

All PHP Development starts with an idea. It's usually just a passing thought like when you are performing a manual action and you think, I could automate this, automation would save time and the business money

The design of any software needs to be exact. The software should perform what it was created to do and should also try to take into account the "what if's". What if the call back from PayPal is not received. What if the bitcoin payment is slightly under due to fees, What if the log file is full. Thinking ahead to what could happen and building those scenarios into your software will future proof your PHP design.

Even if you don't have a design in mind we can help create one for you. By using your current systems and software we can suggest areas that you can automate to save money. We can provide preliminary reports on all aspects of any business and suggest ways to automate functions to save money.



Once your software is built and has been comprehensively tested by our team and yourself, the next stage is implementation. Software like WHMCS modules are usually easy to integrate and come ready to use.

Other software programs like payment gateways or order systems need more attention. We can take responsibility for implementing all of our software programs.

With live sites, it's important that you don't lose sales or provide a bad browsing experience for your customers. For complex projects, we can suggest ways to minimize downtime or possibly even ways to avoid it completely.



Just like machinery, software also needs to be maintained. Advances in the way code written and security fixes in the language often happen. Outdated software is a security risk for any business. Running outdated software can provide a door into your systems that could be disastrous.

With all of our software we provide 1-month free bug fixes should any be detected and 12 months of included maintenance should you need it. Should a new version of PHP be released and your software needs updates for compatibility for that version of PHP we will complete this for you.


Encryption & Code-Vault

It's a must that you protect the code that has been developed for you. Optionally we can provide free encryption using IonCube for any work that we complete for you. IonCube is a widely used PHP module that reads protected code and renders it front-end to website visitors.

Encrypting the software code provides an added layer of security for the business. The IonCube module can be installed by us should you need it and the unprotected code can be stored for you in our code vault. We can provide copies of your code should you need them.

Code-Vault keeps your mission-critical business code in an offline secure location. Whilst you use the encrypted versions of your code we safely store two copies of the original unencrypted code on protected disks in different locations. One copy is always stored in a safety deposit box located in Liverpool. Software is deposited once per week but can be retrieved should you need it within a couple of hours.

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Software development can be complicated. If you are located in the UK we can arrange to visit you to discuss your requirements after you have accepted a quote. Start off by telling us your requirements or use the contact form below.