To install the WHMCS OVH Notification module follow the simple install process below. There are no crons to deploy and we will create the required email templates for you during the install process.

It's important that you remove all mail from your email account and you must use the same email account that you have registered at OVH. This is the account OVH send mail to. Before proceeding, delete all of the emails in your email account.


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Install WHMCS OVH Notifications

1) Download the modules files from your client area and make a note of your license key which will look like OVHNotifications-

2) Upload all files to the root of your WHMCS install

3) Navigate to Setup > Addon Modules > OVH Notifications and click "Activate" 

4) Enter your license key

5) Enter your email server settings. On cPanel and DirectAdmin systems this is usually Append :143/notls to the end so the full mail server will look like the below snippet. Remember to include the braces { }


6) Enter your mailbox username and password

7) Tick the required email templates you wish to forward and click save at the bottom

The basic module will now deploy and create the required email templates in your WHMCS install. You can continue to customize these email templates in Setup > Email Templates. 


Ensuring your customers receive notifications

To ensure that your customers receive notifications you need to make sure that the IP the customer is assigned is listed in the customers WHMCS profile. This can be either in the "Dedicated IP" field or the "Assigned IP" fields. As of V1.0, the module does not yet support subnet formats so each IP must be listed in the Assigned IP box individually. 


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