Upgrading to V1.4 WSC Free

Prior to V1.4 support and updates for WSC was delivered through First2Host. In V1.4 WSC Free and WSC Pro are being licensed through https://www.dev.gb.net. Whilst users of WSC Free prior to V1.4 will still be able to use the software for free no further updates will be released through the First2Host brand. Any user who wants to continue to use WSC will need to create a new account at https://www.dev.gb.net to get a new license key and updates. 

In V1.4 of WSC Free, we have made some important changes backend and front and the module is now also compatible with PHP 7.3. V1.4 now displays a red banner in the ticket reply box advising users to never supply password information inside the ticket ;

This banner can be changed in colour and the text can also be changed to meet your needs. We will cover how to do this elsewhere in the knowledgebase. To upgrade from versions v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 follow the advice below. 

1) Register for a dev.gb.net account by ordering WSC free from https://www.dev.gb.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=2

2) Access your client area and download WSC Free v1.4

3) Get your license key which now has a new format. It looks like WSC-Free-a5736485705f1.

4) Upload all of the files to the root of your WHMCS install. overwriting all files.

5) If you are using custom CSS rules in your "six" theme you will need to open the /templates/six/_css/custom.css file and copy the css code to your current custom.css file. If you are NOT using any custom CSS rules just remove the _ from the _css folder so the file structure is now like this /templates/six/css/custom.css

6) Navigate to WHMCS > Addons > Modules and activate WSC Free. Enter an encryption code and your license key then click save. 

7) The module is installed and your upgrade to V1.4 is complete.

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