Collect users login details securely with an in-build encrypted area to view these details on WHMCS tickets

Free & Pro Versions

WSC Free

Allow your customers to submit login details to your support team in a secure and professional manner. View the customer's service credentials directly on their ticket from the WHMCS admin area. WSC free includes fixed-form fields. To customize the form and for added functionality purchase WSC Pro. Visit for more information.

WSC Pro + OVH Notifications

Purchase WSC Pro and OVH Notifications together and save $10.


Automatically collect your customer's service passwords on submission of a support ticket allowing your support team to reduce ticket times. Customize the form to collect any type of login details and hold those details encrypted in your database and view the submitted details directly on the customer's ticket from the WHMCS admin area. WSC pro includes automatic ticket status updates and more. Visit for more information.

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